My dynamic consulting services ignite efficiency and cooperation so that you can manage your business with peace of mind.

Workplace Manuals

You didn't start your business just to sit and write documents and policies for hours on end. Let me take care of them for you. From employee handbooks, confidentiality policies and workplace manuals to orientation booklets and cleaning procedures, I'll ensure that you have the correct information on hand and are covered for any situation that my arise. 

Onboarding and Orientation

My goal with finding the right individual for your team, is to dive deep into your business and industry. From that point, I've got you covered from the job posting, to the interview, to the selection of the candidate, and even the employment contract offer. I know how important it is to hire the ideal individual to help you reach your business goals. 

Organizational Effectiveness

Two big words that really just your business running smoothly? Here, I will analyze your business' ability to plan and execute your key functions. I will help to provide structure and efficiency to your business by simplifying processes, assisting in research for your industry and helping you achieve your business goals. 


Or, as I like to call it - friendship. Maybe you can't justify having a full-time HR individual on your team, but you need someone every so often to assist with those questions or circumstances. I'm your girl. I will create short or long-term plans for you and your business and I will customize solutions based off of your needs. 


We all need a bit of a refresher sometimes, even me. I can provide standard and customized training for you and your team. Team building, effective communication, leadership development, time management, conflict resolution....I could go on.