You won't know what you truly want until you get out of your comfort zone and start trying new experiences.


Growing up, I was surrounded by individuals who hated their jobs. I am sure most of us were; whether it was our friends or our family, the bus driver, or the retail worker at the local store. There was always someone who was just plain miserable working at their job. I would always ask the question in my head,


"Why would you stay at a job that makes you miserable?"


I didn't know the answer, but my curious mind kept me going. 

I worked numerous positions from the time I was 15 until the age of 23. I worked in fast food, retail, waitressing, tourism, accounting, at a safari, at a federal agency, for a large bank, for a senior centre and even the local public health unit.


You could say I had my fair share of work experiences. 

Some of those positions were short-term from my co-op degree at the University of Guelph, but some were just attempts at trying to figure out what I wanted to do...what I was passionate about. Despite completing all of these positions and five years at university, there was nothing that stood out to me. None of them completely fulfilled me.


At that point, I did some self-reflection. I asked myself some questions. What did I enjoy about certain positions? Which ones did I like, and which ones didn't I like? What are my strengths? How come it was easy for me to get jobs, but not actually want them? Was there something wrong with me?

Turns out, there was actually nothing wrong with me, nor is there anything wrong with anyone else reading this. I just didn't have the proper systems to figure out the right career path. Just like when someone is miserable at their job, stays at that position, because they don't have the right mindset or system to leave there.


Somehow, it just sort of clicked. I was really good at creating resumes that would intrigue employers. I could easily talk my way through any interview. I had a big heart for exceptional human resources practices. So, I chose to start my own business to teach others how to find their dream careers. How to get out of shitty jobs. Coach businesses on how to treat their employees better.

I have had family members feel as though they do not have any other choice than to stay in the same position for 30+ years. I have had female friends been so brainwashed by their toxic boss that they do not think they could get any other position. I have had bosses speak to me as though I was nothing more than a naïve young woman. I have read messages from complete strangers that did not know how to secure a new position. So I knew I had to do something.

It is my purpose to secure dream careers for deserving women. 

We work for about one-third of our lives; no one deserves to be miserable for that amount of time. I have the drive to provide the right strategies to women and hold their hand to help them achieve a fulfilling career.

In a society where it is normal to hate your job and the systems of finding a new job, I am here to challenge that and call the bullshit. I am here to show that you can love your job. I am here to provide you with the tools and strategies to break through the realm of human resources and secure a job of your dreams.