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Human Resources Consulting with Emily Nicole

Think.HR is here to help your business succeed, to support you and to create effective procedures. Think.HR will be there to advocate for your business and create the policies you need to help you reach your goals.

Meet Emily

Human Resources Consultant

Hi everyone! My name is Emily. 

From now on, you can call me your business best friend (BBF for short). I'm here to help your business succeed. I'll be there to help create policies for you and attend special events. I'll be there to talk to till 3am when it feels like the world is falling apart. I'll be there to help promote your business and hold your hand and help you through any problems that come your way. 

That's me in a nutshell. Your business best friend (BBF).


Let me help you!

What I Specialize In

Workplace Manuals

Confidentiality Policies

Onboarding and Orientation of New Staff

Employment Handbooks

Job Descriptions and Contracts

Emily did an awesome job at coming to my rescue and creating my "Unlocking Your Potential" website. Emily was very attentive and showed great confidence in asking the  right questions in order to create a website specific to my business. Her exquisite expertise with knowledge, attentiveness, time management and creativity blossomed into her designing a website that I was very proud to launch. I also greatly appreciated her extra-ordinary patience and positive words of encouragement throughout the entire process.

- Sheila Picknell

Unlocking Your Potential

Emily created an effective environment which did not formally exist previously at our organization. She brought a direct, proactive, and positive approach to our employment policies. We definitely benefited by having someone with her expertise and credentials to review our practices and to assist when questions arose. Emily is very detail-oriented and organized.  Top rate service, organization and the attention to detail that she has provided to us is exemplary. We know that the advice we received was thorough, up to date, and delivered with the highest professionalism. 

- Felise Jones

South Gate Centre

The assets that Emily created, and guidance that she provided were timely, professional and very in line with our business and entrepreneurial needs. We appreciated her on-site visits, consistent communication, and taking the time to review each deliverable with us.  Emily excelled at taking the time to learn not only about us, but also to participate in some of our day to day operations.  This knowledge was key to providing process improvement and providing more than just templates and documents to your clients and we appreciated her efforts.

- Dave & Cathy Cripps

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