Surround yourself and your small business with confidence by using efficient processes and tools to take control of business operations, processes, and overall organization. At Think HR I will work with you to develop strategic practices to ensure success for you and your business. 


"Hiring Emily from Think HR was the best choice I have made in my career change. After meeting me for 5 mins Emily already picked up on my personality and my quirks and devised a plan that would suit my job hunting process. I had a lot of anxiety about job hunting and interviews after being in the same job for 23 years. The anxiety was getting to be too much so once I hired Emily and we got started working together my anxiety settled."



“The assets that Emily created, and guidance that she provided were timely, professional, and very in line with our business and entrepreneurial needs. We appreciated her on-site visits, consistent communication, and taking the time to review each deliverable with us.  This knowledge was key to providing process improvement and providing more than just templates and documents to your clients and we appreciated her efforts.”



All packages created by Think HR are customized to each client and will only include services required for your specific project.

Human Resources for Small Businesses



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Hi, I'm Emily!

Your Human Resources Consultant

I started my own business to challenge the status quo of human resources, help women quit their toxic jobs, and assist businesses and individuals alike in achieving their goals.

I have helped numerous business owners and individuals build their confidence, make positive changes, and feel accomplished within their business and career.

I want to help you, as a business owner, feel less stressed and more secure when it comes to human resources within your business. 

I want to help you, as an individual, discover what the heck your dream job is because life is too precious to hate your everyday job.