How many times have you heard someone say "I hate my job" in the past month? How many times has it come out of your own mouth?

Finding a career path and a specific job that fulfills us and makes us feel successful is not the easiest task to complete. It is not a process they taught us in school, our friends and family are not always the best support and society just makes hating your job a personality trait.

​That is why I started Think HR - to provide women with the systems and tools they need to discover and secure their own dream job. We all have our passions and our dreams inside of us; sometimes it just takes talking to someone else, or grabbing a couple of resources to help us find our way to a more fulfilling career.


Let me help you work your way to a more balanced lifestyle with a career that makes you excited to get out of bed each morning!

Hi, I'm Emily!

Your Personal Career Advisor

After quitting multiple jobs by the age of 23, and being told I needed to "get focused" on my career, I started my own business to help women quit their toxic jobs, stop letting their boss (and society) walk all over them and discover their own fulfilling careers.

I have helped numerous women build their confidence, make positive job changes, and feel accomplished with their career path.

I want to help you discover what the heck your dream job is and walk you through every step to secure it...because life is too precious to be hating your everyday job. 👑

What People Say

Joanne W.
Resume Consultation

It's been years since I applied for a job and really needed help updating my resume and cover letter. Emily was able to go through the job ad and my resume, and identify what was still relevant, and what needed to go. I'm so grateful for the help and thrilled that I got an interview!

Jennifer J.
Job Search Strategy Session

After meeting me for 5 mins Emily already picked up on my personality and my quirks and devised a plan that would suit my job hunting process. Once I hired anxiety settled. Everyone should hire Think HR to help them land a job they deserve and will love.

Courtney V. 
Resume and Cover Letter Consultation

Emily maintained communication throughout the whole process, her attention to detail and extensive knowledge about professionalism and employer expectations was outstanding. Within a week, I got 5 interviews and a job offer on the spot! Thank you so much Emily for your help.