• Emily

4 Signs You are Ready to Quit Your Job

How many times have you heard someone say "I hate my job" in the past month? How many times has it come out of your own mouth?

Finding a career path and a specific job that fulfills us and makes us feel successful is not the easiest task to complete. It is not a process they taught us in school, our friends and family are not always the best support and society just makes hating your job a personality trait. That is why I started Think HR - to provide women with the systems and tools they need to discover and secure their own dream job.

So how do you know if it's the right time to quit your job?

You're not challenged and there's no room to grow

  • Having opportunities for growth and development in your workplace is crucial to ensuring you have something to look forward to, something to push towards

  • These types of opportunities can look like learning a new skill, taking on a different project, having promotions or vertical advances and/or leadership roles

  • When there's rarely such an opportunity, you begin to feel stuck, wondering where you're supposed to go next, and wondering if you'll ever feel satisfied

  • Having a conversation with your supervisor or manager regarding these opportunities is a great place to start; depending on how they respond, will determine whether you should start looking for a new opportunity or not

You don't feel fulfilled in your role

  • As Google has told me "fulfilled" is defined as: satisfied or happy because of fully developing one's abilities or character

  • When you are passionate about the work that you are doing you're going to feel a lot more dedication to the organization and your responsibilities and will want to work towards your most productive self because you enjoy the work you are completing which leads to the sense of fulfillment

  • It's happened to everyone; you started at a job that you thought was your dream job and over time you just began to feel sad and frustrated when the weekend finished and you had to go back to work and deal with whatever problem rolled your way next

  • If you are lacking this happiness or passion for your role, you begin to feel anxious about going to work, you are bored and unproductive and truly taking a toll on your mental health

  • Maybe there is an opportunity for you stay within the company you are working for in a role that is more fulfilling, and it's a conversation you can open up with your supervisor or manager; if not, think about your passions, strengths and ideal role, and start your job search there

You're in a toxic workplace

  • Toxic workplaces are becoming more and more common and you are not alone in your feelings; if you ever find yourself in this type of situation, I encourage you to leave

  • Toxic workplaces can include controlling management, dishonesty and distrust among leadership, ineffective communication, poor relationships, high turnover, harassment, going against your moral or ethical values, being overworked, completing unsafe work and so many more examples

  • This type of environment can have massive negative impacts on your professional and personal life, mental and physical health and wellbeing

  • While you are in this position, consider quitting as soon as possible. It can be scary thinking about leaving when you have no idea what comes next, if your manager is gaslighting you, or you are afraid of what will happen to the company if you leave. But, you are only responsible for you. Not the rest of the company or the problems at hand, YOU are more important than any of that.

  • Quit your toxic job and work towards finding a position where you have a better work-life balance, feel appreciated and enjoy the work you are completing

You want to

  • Sometimes there isn't an explanation or a specific reason that you can pinpoint; sometimes you are just ready for a change

  • It doesn't mean you hate your boss, or the work is boring, or you are jealous of someone else...it just means that it's time for something different

  • Usually this feeling comes from your gut; and if you've ever heard me talk about "listening to your gut" before, you know how important it is

  • Be sure you are listening and ready to hear what your gut has to say...and follow through with it

If you relate to any of the scenarios above...it's time to quit your job. Take yourself out of your cozy little comfort zone and quit! Life is WAY too short to stay at a job you don't like, that doesn't appreciate you or doesn't fulfill you. Make this decision for yourself. Put your happiness first. The world has so much to offer as long as you're willing to search and work for it.

The day I quit my job before taking my business full-time, was the best day of my life. I felt brand new. I was given a fresh start. All the negativity, the sleepless nights, the regret...it was all gone. It was such a liberating feeling to take everything into my own hands and I want you to feel the same way.

Till next time,