• Emily

Dance Parties, Comfort Zones and Your Dream Job

New Year...same shit, am I right? Honestly, this time of year makes me think about all the New Year's resolutions I made in the past that I completely failed at, or hardly even attempted. Reminds me of how much I didn't achieve.

Why do we put so much pressure on ourselves? Do we really need to make these goals for our life in order to feel accomplished by the end of the year? If there's something I learned in 2021, it's that you have to start making choices in your life that make you feel fulfilled.

You need to make choices that make you feel ALIVE.

Whether it's climbing a mountain, having a dance party, putting laundry away the same day you do it, finding your dream job, blasting music to wake up, spending time with friends, or eating chocolate at lunch...do it.

Make those choices in your life that give you that butterfly feeling in your stomach. That make you smile so big it hurts your face. That make you excited to get out of bed in the morning.

You don't have to make these choices every day or have a certain number to complete. Just remember this is your life and you are enough. So take care of yourself, make choices for you and find your own fulfillment in this messy life.

For some extra inspiration, here are the reminders that I shared on social media for 2022:

  • Dance parties & blasting music are a must.

  • Everything is figureoutable.

  • Leaving your comfort zone is how you grow.

  • Taking days off is essential.

  • Securing your dream job is 100% possible.

  • Done is better than perfect.

Till next time,