• Emily

How to Engage Employees

Do you struggle with having your employees being engaged at work? Do you feel as though your staff don't care about the work like you do? Here’s the thing…no matter what you do or how hard you try…they will not care as much as you do. They don’t have the same equity in the company as you nor is their name behind the company…so no, they will not work as hard as you do.

I know that's a harsh reality, but it's one of those #uncommontruths that needs to be brought forth. I'm not here to say that all is lost. What I can do for you, is provide a few tips and tricks to engage your employees in their work more.

Get to know them

Shocker...I know right? It's my most common piece of advice for any situation. Get to know them. Learn about who they are, what they enjoy doing, their family, their favourite chocolate bar etc. Find the time in a day to say "hello", ask how they're doing. This is such a simple practice that can help your employees feel appreciated.

*TIP* While getting to know your employees can be a fun process, know when to draw the line. You don't need to hangout with them and friending them on social media is not a requirement.

Empower them

You will never know what an employee is capable of accomplishing unless you stop micromanaging them. Allow your employees to discover their own potential. Don't dictate them. Give them the room to blossom the best way they know how.

*TIP* Provide them with training within their role to give them the confidence they need. Whether it's attending a conference, taking a course at a community college, or watching webinars, ensure you make the training available to them.

Have their backs

Be transparent. Be their rock. Be consistent. Offer help if you see someone struggling or if you know the task they have requires extra help. Provide feedback consistently. Good and constructive feedback. Doing this helps employees feel important and understood. Listen to what they have to say and support them.

Create a culture of success

Make sure your employees feel appreciated by their peers and employer. Use success stories from the business to create motivation. Employees want to know that their contributions to the company and culture don't go unnoticed. Don't let your employees feel like just another "number" in the company. Ensure you appreciate them, include them in your success, and show off their success too.

The "secret" to increasing employee engagement in the workplace....is that there is no secret. Simply ask your employees on what needs to be changed or what needs improvement. They are your best source of information.

While we all strive to have employees who care as much as we do, it's not a reality businesses always have. Take the tips from above and get more engagement from them. When your employees are engaged in the work they do, the workplace becomes a more positive environment.

Till next time,

Emily Nicole