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But Until Now... 


And So...You Feel Stuck

You know that there has to be a better way. 


All you need  is a step-by-step guideline and tools to help you learn how to write resumes, land interviews and secure the dream position you know you were meant to have, so you can finally start living your best life.



Dream Job Bootcamp


Course #1: Writing an Outstanding Resume - $47

We start by laying down a solid foundation for your applications by giving you the

perfect formula for your resume. We will highlight the importance of keeping it

simple, the mindset of relevant over recent and ensuring that you're showing

yourself off - seriously. 

Course #2: Application Tips and Tricks - $27

Before you start putting your name out into random places, you need to

understand yourself and where you want to be. We will go over where

to begin your job search, how to review job postings and knowing when

to apply. 

Course #3: Rocking Your Interview - $27

Interview - the word that makes some people shake in their boots. Well -

NO MORE! We will dive into the most common interview questions

(and how to answer them), give you pointers on how to present yourself

and discuss the most common mistakes people make. 

Course #4: When to Take the Job - $27

You can't just take any job that comes your way. Believe me. You have to find

what fuels you, what motivates you to get out of bed in the morning.

You need to understand what the "quick highs" of the job market are

and how to stay away from them. 

Course#5: Building Your Confidence

After You Take the Job - $27

What happens when you actually take the job? We will talk about the

importance of asking questions, check-in meetings and setting healthy

boundaries - all steps to making your dream job, part of your dream life. 





Dream Job Bootcamp Will:

  • Take your fears and your doubts about applying to jobs and throw them out the window

  • Supply you with actionable, step by step instructions and in-depth knowledge that will save you time and stress

  • Assist you in finding and securing your own dream job in the process

This course bundle is designed specifically for individuals who are tired of feeling lost and overwhelmed in the job market and who are willing to go all in on building their confidence and finding the job that gets them excited to go to work in the morning.

Meet Your Instructor


Image by Amy Hirschi

This bundle includes 5 hands-on courses for job seekers of all ages who are ready to either ditch their current job or jump head first into the job market.


Whether you're currently working or just starting out, you're here because something isn't being fulfilled. Let's be honest here:


You want a job that you're actually excited to go to each morning. 


One that makes you jump out of bed when your alarm goes off. You've heard through the grapevine about those people who love what they do everyday.

Image by Nathana Rebouças

You’ve spent endless hours searching for answers on Google, searching for the best resume templates and patching together interview advice from your friends and family and nothing has propelled you forward (yet).


And so the constant fear of rejection that comes with applying to jobs has you bouncing back and forth between "Rejection doesn't matter," and "Why do I even bother?"


But, more than anything, the idea of going back to school or staying in your current job has you feeling stressed and disappointed.

Image by Avel Chuklanov

5 mini courses bundled together for job seekers who are ready to build their confidence and find their dream job. 

Buy the Bundle for $128. Or buy the courses individually based off of your needs!

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“I reached out to Emily for some assistance in creating a resume and cover letter as mind was outdated. I was extremely pleased with her attention to detail and her way of making even the simplest of skills pop out on my resume. She provided excellent communication through the process and showed how passionate she is about creating these documents for me.”

— Courtney V.

Hi, I'm Emily! 


When I started my business not that long ago, I knew I wanted to teach others about finding their dream job but I had no idea how. The one thing I had going for me? I knew I believed in my abilities more than anything and I was determined to make these courses a reality.


Fact is, applying to jobs has never been a problem for me. Neither has the interview process, or even securing a a job after that. The problem? I don't want jobs. So instead, I built a business to teach you all about my processes.


I grew up surrounded by individuals who hated their jobs and were miserable Monday to Friday. The most valuable thing I want to teach you is that you don't have to hate your job. You're not stuck where you're at right now. You have everything that it takes to figure out what your dream job is, and how to get there. I'm here to help you along the way.